How your credit scoring influences your credit order

To obtain a credit, it is not enough to fulfill the budget criteria and the conditions of the financial institutions. It is the scoring credit that you have to decide lastly if your request will be accepted or refused. From the moment you place a written order with the bank, it will calculate the monthly margin available and check the value of your scoring credit. It is based on these elements that the bank will decide whether you can obtain a loan.


Credit scoring – What is it about?

Credit scoring - What is it about?

The world of finance uses this notion to assess the solvency of companies and private individuals. This allows the bank to assess the likelihood of a credit payer’s default on payment and obtain information about the payment practices of its future customer. As the scoring process is not standard in Switzerland, each institute uses its own assessment model to establish a person’s solvency. Banks, who want to save time and money, can go to the offices of corresponding tours. The countless credit providers go to CRIF, a specialist in credit risk management. This company has records not only of payment habits, but also provides information from ZEK, such as late payments, acts of lack of goods and ongoing credits.


What are the aspects to take into account for credit scoring?

credit scoring?

More than your credit history, there are important elements that need to be mentioned:

  • The older he gets, the more he gets points
  • Married people receive more points than single people
  • A high budget margin allows to obtain the best conditions for customers
  • Requests to ZEK: the credit refusal number is taken into account. Payments in progress and on hold that are registered with a code with ZEK are therefore of particular interest.
  • The number of years of loyalty to a boss is rewarded in the scoring
  • The longer you are registered at the same address, the better the result of your scoring.

What are the contractual elements influenced by credit scoring?

  • The amount of interest you must pay
  • The agreement or refusal of the proposal, regardless of whether or not the budgetary criteria are met
  • Limitation of the agreed loan amount, even in case of favorable budget


Increase your opportunity to obtain a credit thanks to Dan Carlitos

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For your credit request to be accepted by your bank, you must inform us about the scoring process applied by your bank. Thanks to the privileged relationships we have with the different financial institutions, we know exactly the scoring criteria applied by each one. This allows us to obtain a very high success rate. Go to Dan Carlitos to get all the information you want on this subject.